• Copy of Company Trade License with Chamber of Commerce Certificate.
  • Authorized signatories passport copy / Visa page whose name appears on the Trade License.
  • In case the Signatory is different from the name on the trade license, we would require a copy of the Power Of Attorney along with the passport copy / Visa page of the authorized signatory.
  • Copy of driverís Passport with Copy of His /Her Visa Page (In case of resident please attach copy of residence stamped page or in case of visit visa please attach visa entry page).
  • Copy of Driversí License (In case She / he is a resident they should possess a valid UAE driverís license and in case of a visit visa the customer should possess an international license accompanied by the local license from their home country.
What make us different
  • Our experience.
  • Affordable Prices
  • All our cars are fully insured and your liability will be limited to 2000/- for saloon vehicles in case of an accident due to your fault (which includes hit-and-run) as evidenced by the Police Report
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